“By following the HypnoBirthing® programme my partner was able to support me in a very deep way. Preparing for the birth became a daily part of our life which we felt passionate and excited about. Daily relaxations and massages brought us together in a very special way. During the journey of our daughter’s birth I found the breathing techniques AMAZING. We walked, danced and every time a surge came I just used my breathing. As the surges got more intense I went within myself and trusted myself to know what to do. At 8.37am on the 30th October 2005 at our home, we gave birth to a magical little girl. No drugs, no tearing and no gas or air.

“For our child, the first experiences of this world were calm, gentle and loving. For us this was the most amazing gift.”
Cath Anderson, London, with Patti Good

“Even though I was a second-time mum, I was quite nervous about giving birth. HypnoBirthing® enabled me to get my confidence back, I was actually really looking forward to the birth. On the big day, I was so much more in control than the previous time (for the first birth I had to wait for more than 2 hours for the epidural and found this experience excruciating). This time I was focused on my breathing and on the relaxation scenarios and the first 7 hours went like a dream. Even the midwives were impressed! As I was getting tired I asked for a low-dose epidural. I continued applying the HypnoBirthing® techniques Patti had taught me. Third stage delivery lasted 10 minutes and no tearing! I would recommend HypnoBirthing® to anyone.”
Marie-Helene Blattmann, London, with Patti Good