“Quite simply, the tools and knowledge my husband and I learned in our HypnoBirthing® course allowed us to fully enjoy the birth of our son. It allowed us to discard the image you are bombarded with in the movies of a grunting, screaming, sweating woman strapped to a hospital bed.

Our birth experience was the opposite. It was a harmonious, calm, warm, loving and relaxed water birth. Of course there was discomfort, that’s a given. I can honestly say, that because of HypnoBirthing® resources, both my husband and I never felt fear. We felt in control at all times and fully capable of handling anything that came our way. Preparation was a large part of the calm with which we started and completed our birthing process. Knowing that we were prepared for any situation brought us peace of mind.

Patti ran the course in a structured, clear and professional manner. She adds a personal touch which makes you feel completely at ease.”
Stephanie, Durban, with Patti Good

“Stephanie and Mike’s birth was one of the best births I have ever attended.”
Liza Harkess, independent Midwife, Durban

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